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    Thank you for purchasing this Tamron lens.

    In case of a claim, the equipment should be returned to the retailer or sent to the nearest Tamron Distributor with the completed Local Certificate or other reasonable proof of date and place of purchase, and a description of the defect claimed. Equipment found to be faulty in manufacture will be repaired or at our option replaced free of charge.

    Tamron will have no liability for any product returned if Tamron determines that defect is caused by: incorrect handling not explained in the manual, inexpert repair, unsuitable storage, transport damage, tampering, normal wear, damage by shock (dropping), damage by water, damage by sand or dirt, use under harsh environment or condition.

    This warranty does not cover: product boxes, or accessories, cost for traveling, materials, and expected income as a result of malfunction of this product.

    The warranty must have date of purchase, customer's name and address, and place of purchase.

    The above guarantee does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

    The warranty is issued only once.

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