All Star Focal Lengths, One Zoom Lens

As a family and children’s lifestyle photographer, I have always carried several lenses with me to every session. I have favorite focal lengths that I like to use and until now I haven’t been able to find just one lens that can do it all for me. Then I started shooting with the 35-150mm F/2.8-4 Di VC OSD (Model A043). This lens does it all for me. It has my beloved 35mm focal range for the close up shots I love to get of children’s faces and capture the sharp details of their features. This lens does an incredible job of achieving tack sharp focus, especially in the eyes. There is no loss in detail when it comes to the most important things I like to capture. It also has longer focal lengths, including my favorite 85mm, and ranges all the way to 150mm. It’s just like having a bag full of prime lenses but all wrapped into one amazing high performing lens body. I adore the lens compression and backgrounds filled with creamy bokeh that I can achieve when shooting with the longer focal lengths of the Model A043.

It’s so important to me that a lens has the ability to quickly focus and produce sharp images even with a lot of movement from my subjects. We are singing, dancing, tickling, spinning, and doing activities that the children think of as fun, and I need to be ready to capture these moments because most of the time they only happen once.

I know with Tamron’s superb construction, I do not need to worry about over-protecting the lens and instead can focus on my subjects and the fun we are having. I was falling in love with how the lens rendered the light and the beautiful colors. The optical performance of this lens is amazing and it handled heavily backlit images perfectly with no chromatic aberration. The images were gorgeous straight out of the camera and required very little editing due to the exceptional quality of the lens.

My overall impressions of the Model A043 lens are extremely positive. The crisp focus, beautiful bokeh, and genius focal range are just a few of my favorite things about this lens. I finally found a lens that I can take to a family photo shoot and know that it’s the only lens I need to bring. I’m more than prepared to capture all of the big and small moments I intend to document. When my confidence is high in my gear it allows to me to focus more on my subjects and the amazing images we set out to create.