I am often asked "If you could only carry one lens, what would it be?" Obviously no one lens can cover all shooting situations but, depending on how you see the world photographically, it can be quite easy to narrow your choice down to a favorite lens or focal range. For me there has always been something special about seeing the world through an ultra-wide angle lens. One easy way to have your images stand out from the crowd is to present a viewpoint not usually seen with the human eye. An ultra-wide angle lens certainly provides this unique perspective. The new Tamron 17-35mm F2.8-4 Di OSD (Model A037) lens fits this bill perfectly. It’s compact size, sharp, low distortion images allow me to capture images that have impact and power. As predominantly a travel portrait photographer this choice can often seem at odds with traditional portrait lens choices.

Crafting compelling, interesting images for me is not about how much bokeh a lens can produce but, far more importantly, it is about telling a story within the image. We travel to far flung places to see a world different to our own, what better way to capture that world then getting in close with an ultra-wide angle lens. Getting in close to our subject ensures that they are the dominant element in our frame, when shooting a portrait we often want the person we are photographing to be the dominant element, then the wide angle viewpoint of our lens allows the scene around our subject to be captured adding the story elements to our portrait. When done well there are few more compelling travel portrait images than those shot with ultra-wide. The new Model A037 is the lightest in its class and that is a big plus when it comes to travel photography, we are always looking to reduce the amount of gear we carry without having to compromise on quality.

Landscape photographers, architecture photographers and astrophotographers will find the Model A037 an ideal choice also. It’s fast F/2.8 aperture is ideal for astrophotography, it’s low distortion, edge to edge sharpness and low chromatic aberration will be features that architectural photographers will love and the ability to screw on standard 77mm filters directly onto the lens without the need for expensive filter adaptors and bulky, hard to carry, hard to clean, square filters will have landscape photographers cheering. Lastly, the fast focusing system will make this lens ideal for wide angle sports such as skateboarding and the whisper quiet focusing (incorporating Tamron’s OSD) will make this a natural choice for videographers. I have had the pleasure of shooting exclusively with the Model A037 prior to its release and have been thrilled with its performance and sharpness.
I know you will be too.

So, next time I am asked ‘If you could only take one lens with you what would it be?’ the decision has been made for me, the Tamron Model A037.