Tamron brand site OPEN


Tamron launches brand website to commemorate

the 70th Anniversary of its legendary photographic lenses.

“Human Focus” is the core of Tamron’s brand philosophy.


December 18, 2020, Saitama, Japan – Tamron Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of optics for diverse applications, celebrated the 70th anniversary of their founding on November 1, 2020. Tamron hereby extends heartfelt appreciation to all stakeholders, including their treasured customers, for their support over the last 70 years.


To commemorate their 70th anniversary, Tamron has established a new Tamron brand website within their existing product information site. The site introduces Tamron's photographic lens brand and includes a Brand Statement that clearly articulates Tamron’s guiding sentiments regarding lens manufacturing.


Since the time of their founding, Tamron has engaged in “human focused” manufacturing with a focus on people so that the creation of Tamron lenses will increase the enjoyment of photography by people around the world. When designing lenses, Tamron places primary consideration on the people who will use them and works to bring the joy of photography to as many people as possible. Tamron has now expressed this concept, the essence of their lens manufacturing, as a clear statement of their core brand philosophy: Human Focus (always focusing on people).

This universal philosophy can be found in Tamron’s previous Adapt-A-Matic system, in their All-in-one zoom products that overturned conventional wisdom about zoom lenses, and in their very latest lens designs. Moving forward, Tamron will continue to constantly focus on all people who take photographs and continue to pursue the challenge of creating user-centric lens designs that are unique and original in order to deliver the joy of photography to people around the globe.


Tamron Brand Site for Photographic Lenses (

The brand site introduces Tamron’s brand statement and hosts a brand-themed movie. It also displays the detail and chronology of their lens as they’ve evolved. Over time, Tamron will continue to expand the range of content available on the site.


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Brand Movie

Tamron has released a brand movie that embodies the Tamron lens development philosophy and the core brand philosophy of Human Focus (always focusing on people). This movie is endowed with Tamron’s sentiments and addressed to all photographers who capture and express thrilling and emotional moments through their pictures.


Watch the brand movie


Tamron Lens History

The site introduces the signature lenses that showcase the history of Tamron, products that were developed through the combination of the best technologies that emerged over the course of 70 years.


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